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We want to become your AGENT!

How can we help you?

Thank you for reaching out to the Frank Wible Group at RE/MAX Connection. As we receive quite a few requests from online services such as Zillow, Trulia, and, we would like to know how we could serve you best!

Some requests are sent by mistake, and some requests come from people that already have an agent. Others are simply looking for information about a particular listing our team has on the market. However, quite a few have selected us as their agent and have gone onto to have an excellent experience with my team in purchasing a new home.

Are you ready for:

Prompt communication — If a buyer has a concern, they want it addressed in a timely fashion, and they want updates throughout the process.

Honesty — Buyers want a trusted partner, someone who isn’t afraid to be direct about what it will take to purchase a home.

Thought leadership — Hands-on experience is an important quality! Industry insight and knowledge of the current market are also expected.

Tenacity — Buyers are looking for a fierce negotiator who will fight for the best possible price, rather than simply settle for making a quick transaction.

My agents are NOT just salespeople!

Webster defines Agent as the following:

  1. A person who acts on behalf of another person and works only for the client and their best interest.
  2. A person that takes an active role or produces a specified positive effect.

We want to become your AGENT!


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